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Olivia Gadd

Artful Associates offers coaching and leadership development to people dealing with change… and right now, that means everyone! Whether dealing with an upturn or downturn in business, reconsidering direction or simply processing the environment and considering choices, all of our clients have found having an experienced and thoughtful thinking partner invaluable.

We can work with you however you like: a one-off conversation, or a regular session for a number or weeks or months. We have experience with individuals and teams.

You'd be amazed how powerful it is to have someone who really listens to you and asks great questions to help you think better!


Olivia Gadd is our founder and lead coach. With more than 30 years’ experience working with multinational and domestic organisations on strategy, marketing and communications, she offers a unique perspective on behaviour, choices and impact.

On top of bringing the experience and lessons from a hands-on executive career, Olivia has developed her coaching skills and practice over the last ten years as an accredited Senior Practitioner and Coach Supervisor. The result is a skilled, honest assessment of the issues at hand and clarity brought by informed questions. 



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Our mission is to help you achieve your ambitions by being part of our business community - connecting, supporting, promoting, informing and boosting you and your business. That also means supporting local business growth & providing a united voice in the Gatwick Diamond.
We aim for excellence by being proactive, committed, personal, open and engaging.

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