How long is the subscription period?

Your membership is an annual subscription from the day you join.

Can anyone from my organisation use the membership?

The business is the member so any team members can utilise the benefits of membership.

If my business is situated outside the Diamond geographic area, can I still be a member?

If you are based outside the Diamond geographic area but have an existing client base or looking to grow in the Diamond, we are pleased to welcome you to the gdb community of businesses.

Can my business have any membership package?

We offer Diamond membership to business with no more than 100 employees and the other three options - Diamond Plus, Diamond Premium and Diamond Champion are open to any business of any size, with additional inclusive benefits, offering great value.

How can I pay for my subscription renewal?

You can pay online via the gdb website, or by BACS, or by setting up an annual Direct Debit

How do I refer a business contact to gdb?

The easiest way to refer a business contact to gdb is by emailing an introduction to Mandi (Mandi@gatwickdiamondbusiness.com)

How do I submit content for the Diamond Magazine?

The easiest way to submit your editorial is by emailing diamondmag@gatwickdiamondbusiness.com and we will take care of the rest!

Can you book advertising space in the Diamond Magazine?

You can book advertising space in the Diamond Magazine. Please email diamondmag@gatwickdiamondbusiness.com for more info.

Are any events included in my subscription?

As part of your membership package, you have an average of two free of charge opportunities per calendar month to network or grow your knowledge.

How many places can we book?

For inclusive events you can book one place for Diamond Band A and two places for Diamond Band B & C.  If you have Diamond Plus, Premium or Champion membership your booking numbers are unimited, space permitting.

When are the networking events?

We generally host our events during working hours. The earliest we start is 8.30am and many of our events are delivered over the lunchtime period - 12-2.30pm.

How many events do you run?

During a calendar month there are normally 4 opportunities to network or grow your knowledge, with an average of 70 events per year. We also have our annual flagship events; Re-Energise, Diamond Experts Conference, the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards and the Diamond Alumni VIP lunch.

Where are the networking events?

We host our Networking Events all over the Gatwick Diamond area from Dorking to Brighton then East and West - mainly through Sussex and Surrey, and they are only ever held at our member venues.

Is there a charge to attend?

We have several networking or learning opportunities included within your membership packages and then we host events that are chargeable.

Can I bring a guest to an event?

When you join or renew your Membership you will receive three guest vouchers. These can be used for business contacts who haven’t engaged with gdb before and are interested in joining, to come along to our Month End Members Meeting. We also have other events which are open to non gdb members.

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