Glen Richardson


"Can you tell me what music is? ....It's completely intangible." So said legendary Beatles producer, George Martin.

For something that is so ubiquitous, music is an untapped resource. Right now, we need music to do much more than scream at us from the radio or help to sell us something we don't really need. Music has so much more to say to us.  We just need to listen.........................


Glen Richardson used to be a comedian appearing regularly on BBC Radio 2's The Day the Music Died with Andrew Collins.  He played acid tongued folk singer "Simon and Garth's Uncle" who made pop stars quake with his barbed ditties about the contemporary music scene, and as a composer and actor, he brought us The Ornate Johnson's Edwardian Spectacular (BBC 4) wherein he appeared as an all singing and dancing John Maynard Keynes, amongst other things. 

More recently he has supplied the music for Clinton Baptiste's live theatre show. Viewers of Peter Kaye's Phoenix Nights will recall Mr.Baptiste, an appalling clairvoyant whose appearances invariably concluded with a fight. 

Last year, Glen was commissioned by the company Natia to compose downloadable therapeutic music for people suffering with long term health conditions. He is currently the Musical Director for an open air pantomime, Hansel and Gretel. It's one of only a few productions to go ahead in spite of recently introduced lockdown restrictions. It aims to keep theatre alive in particularly challenging times.


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