Michael Humphrey Case Study

1.    What appealed to you about joining gdb?

Gatwick Diamond Business has a thriving community of businesses throughout the South East. This provides DigiBubble with the opportunity to connect with other businesses in the area, learn from them, and collaborate on projects. We are firm believers that you are a reflection of the company you keep and we want to sit alongside the best possible businesses.


2.    What was the thing that surprised you about gdb?

I was surprised by how engaged Gatwick Diamond Business is with its members and how they work to ensure you are connected and introduced to the membership. There is a culture of collaboration, and this is evident from the first meeting.


3.    What’s the biggest single thing you’ve got from being a member of gdb?

A network of support from businesses throughout the region. I am free to seek advice and guidance from members which is freely offered. This has proved invaluable when considering factors that are outside of our scope and gives us the confidence to tackle any issue our clients may face.


4.    What difference has being a member of gdb made to your business?

Gatwick Diamond Business has given us the opportunity to share our expertise at events and workshops. This has helped us to position ourselves as a thought leader in the digital marketing space, and to build our reputation as a trusted advisor throughout the South East.


5.    gdb puts on lots of different types of events - what’s your favourite?

The monthly member meeting is a firm favourite. It’s a great opportunity to meet with new and existing members in a relaxed environment. All of the members are welcoming and interested in my business. It is a fantastic opportunity to hear the successes being achieved.


6.     What’s different about gdb compared to other networking you do?

gdb allows me to sit alongside larger businesses in the region, when a lot of other networking locally is focused on businesses that are just starting or a little smaller. gdb has enabled opportunities with sizable businesses that would have typically been difficult to reach through other means.


7.    What’s your top tip for getting the most out of networking?

Do not seek immediate gratification, seek to build relationships in the room and keep yourself front of mind for when the time is right. Seek out members that you feel can add value to your business and make yourself known.


8.    Besides the events, what else do you get out of your gdb membership?

I am part of the Diamond Leaders for Growth Programme which offers members a peer group for focused business support and training. This programme has allowed me the time to focus on my business and lean on peers to support the growth of DigiBubble, as well as tackle specific issues. As well as this, Gatwick Diamond Business has given us access to marketing and promotion opportunities. This has helped us to raise our profile and attract new customers.



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