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Diamond Mentors programme

Gatwick Diamond Business has great strength and a vast array of experience in its membership. The Diamond Mentors programme provides another excellent member benefit, to both those who would like to share their experience and to those who would like to learn and develop.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship where one party shares their experience with another party. It may involve guidance and coaching from the mentor but the onus of reflection, decision and action is with the ‘mentee’ (person being mentored). This relationship tends to have an agreed time frame (e.g. six months) with regular (e.g. monthly) 1:1s. In some instances, a mentee may ‘shadow’ a mentor to see how the mentor manages a particular situation (e.g. a negotiation). If you would like to be a mentee (i.e. be mentored), you will be required to complete a short questionnaire. This will allow us to match you with a mentor (assuming someone with the relevant expertise has joined the programme).

The Matching Process

The Matching Process

 When there is a mentor/mentee match:

    • You will be introduced to your potential mentor/mentee via email.

    • Between you, you will set up an initial fact find/‘chemistry’ meeting (which helps to establish if you are a good ‘fit’ in terms of expectations and temperament). After the meeting, you will then make a decision as to whether you want to go ahead. You then let us know if you are going to proceed or not.

    • You decide when to meet, how often and for how long. It is recommended that you put a time frame to the mentoring relationship (which can then be updated if necessary).

    • You let us know when you have completed (and we will then ask for feedback).



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Enquiries/Point of Contact

For further enquiries, feedback and clarifications, in the first instance please contact: Joe Cheal (gdb Diamond Mentor programme facilitator) Imaginarium Learning & Development


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