Heathrow Consultation now open

The Government has launched a Consultation into the deliverability of Heathrow



The Consultation can be found here
In summary:
No Night Flights
No increase in road traffic
Not allowed to break air quality regs 
I need to read it to see what it says about the financing of the M25 & further rail improvements.
An understandably common question is whether Gatwick can or will apply for Planning Permission to build a second runway after 2019.
Gatwick could go ahead on their own but have said that, without Government support, they won't apply for Planning Permission.
In my view they are playing the long game so that if & when Heathrow fails, then Gatwick's relationship with Government is strong enough to be able to then be the preferred choice.
At the moment this group & others will continue to oppose Heathrow & we will respond to say why Heathrow is undeliverable.
I hope you will too


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