Finishing line in sight and better journeys for passengers using London Victoria as gateline project nears completion

Work to improve the passenger experience at London Victoria station is almost complete with new ticket gates set to come into use between spring and summer

Customers using the station can look forward to faster and easier journeys through the station as the project will reduce congestion on platforms and at ticket gates.


The project will:

  • Create a spacious new thoroughfare between platform 14 and the existing escalators to the Victoria Place Shopping Centre.
  • Create more space for additional ticket gates by relocating the Gatwick Express ticket to within the existing Southern ticket office.
  • Demolish existing gateline retail units, with new ones being constructed.
  • Add new travel information screens throughout the station.


The project also has the benefit of enabling more trains to run on time, as congestion at ticket gates makes people take longer to get on and off trains and platforms, leading to delayed trains at busy times.


By adding more ticket gates and additional wider gates, people will be able to board and alight more quickly, improving punctuality.


Des O’Dwyer, Network Rail's project manager said: “Victoria wasn’t originally designed for the number of passengers using it today, and there can be times when it is very congested.

“To reduce crowding we’re introducing additional gates, and larger concourses for passengers.


“We’re increasing the number of ticket gates, adding new, wider gates and upgrading eleven others to make them fully automatic so that we can open up and expand the station concourse area.”


Elison Banan, Network Rail's London Victoria station manager said: “I’m pleased to say that the finishing line is within sight, and passengers will see the gates coming into use by the summer.


“We’re really grateful to our passengers who’ve been bearing with us while we’ve been working on this project – journeys are soon to get easier and faster through the station as the new gates come online and the concourses are opened up.”


Stephen MacCallaugh, Head of Stations for Southern, said: “We’re delighted for our customers that this major scheme to improve their routes through the station is progressing well. Taking full advantage of the better concourse layout, the extra gates will enable people to get to and from their trains more easily and comfortably. The new wide accessible gates are especially welcome.”


Jason Clarke, Area Manager for Southeastern, said: “Victoria one of the five busiest stations in the country and anything that makes it easier for our customers, particularly during the busier times of the day, is very welcome indeed. I can’t wait to see the hoardings come down and the new gatelines unveiled for our customers. It will make a real difference.”


Work on the project is expected to be finished by the summer, with the most disruptive work happening when there are fewer or no passenger services running at the station, as lines will be closed.


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