Gatwick London Northern Runway: How Can You Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard?

Navigating the complex world of infrastructure planning can be a daunting task. But you have more power in this process than you might think. The entire process behind the Gatwick London Northern Runway Project is not just for airport executives and planning inspectors—it’s for you too. And your involvement is only a click away.


Think of it as a six-act play where each scene is crucial. By the end of this post, you’ll not only understand each of those stages but also know exactly how to ensure your voice is heard. To play your part, we’ll have some simple instructions to follow. But you’ll need to make sure you complete them before 29th October 2023.


The Northern Runway Project: Overview

London Gatwick is no ordinary airport. It’s a beacon of economic prosperity and a major hub for the UK. And it has a clear vision for a sustainable future. The airport has just submitted a Development Consent Order (DCO) to bring its existing Northern Runway into operation.

With 14,000 new jobs and an added £1 billion into the regional economy yearly at stake, it is important your opinions a shared. Over 3,000 jobs would be based right at the airport, with thousands more in supply chains, local businesses, and the resultant economic boost from employee spending.

The plans go beyond just increasing flight traffic; it’s about boosting resilience, supporting the government’s policy, and laying the foundation for a ‘Global Britain’. In the words of Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick Airport, the project is all about ensuring “economic prosperity for thousands of families, businesses, and future generations across the region.”


Local Support

A YouGov poll revealed that 78% of residents from Sussex, Surrey, and Kent are in support of the plans. Moreover, 70% and 73% believe that this is the move the region needs for economic growth and job creation.


Our Environment

Gatwick has committed to a legally binding ‘noise envelope’. This means that, despite its expansion, within nine years of the Northern Runway’s unveiling, operations will produce less noise than they did in 2019.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a massive £250 million investment towards ensuring the airport is net-zero for its carbon emissions by 2030.


The Six Stages of Planning Demystified

Understanding the process will help you know when and how you can influence it. So, what are the six stages for a project of this magnitude?


Pre-Application: Think of this as the brainstorming phase. The applicant, which could be a developer or local council, develops the project and consults with statutory bodies, local authorities, and communities. Important to note: This is the stage where most influence can be exerted.

Acceptance: The Planning Inspectorate takes over, checking if all documents are in place.

Pre-examination: Publicity time! The applicant advertises that the application has been accepted. And it’s also when you can register to play a part in the Examination.

The Examination: The heart of the process. An Examining Authority studies the application, a stage that must conclude within six months.

Recommendation and Decision: Here’s where the Examining Authority sends its recommendation to the Secretary of State, who then makes the final call.

Post Decision: The last stage, where anyone can legally challenge the Secretary of State’s decision within a six-week window.

For the Northern Runway, the first three stages have now past. It is now in the Examination Stage. So, if you’ve ever wanted to play a part, now’s your time!


Here’s How You Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

Firstly, visit:



This page will invite you to become an Interested Party in the Planning Application. Remember, while you’re encouraged to share your concerns, positive comments are also welcomed!


If you’re a local resident, ensure you provide:

– Full name (published)

– Address, email address, and phone number (kept confidential)

– Comments about the project (published)


For business representatives:

– Your full name & the name of the organisation (published)

– Work details (kept confidential)

– Comments about the project (published)

Registration closes on 29 October 2023. Once you’re in, you’ll be kept in the loop about the Examination of the Application and can provide further input during the Examination phase.


So, are you ready to be part of a better future for The Gatwick Diamond?

Your voice matters. And now you know exactly how to make it heard. Let’s shape the future of Gatwick Diamond and, in turn, the UK’s future together.


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