Property firm’s positive progress to net zero

Property consultancy Vail Williams has again published its annual carbon emissions report as its journey towards net zero by 2030 continues to make positive progress.

The firm, which has offices in Crawley and Brighton, voluntarily releases the data to demonstrate transparency and accountability around the impact that its business has on the planet.


The overall total gross CO2 output remained relatively static in 2023 with a 0.7% increase on 2022 (161.4 tonnes of CO2), despite business travel having increased by 4%.


Carbon emissions per person of 172 employees across 12 offices remained under one tonne at 0.95 tCO2, based on the firm’s carbon management dashboard.


There was also a 75% increase in electric vehicle (EV) miles over 2022, a trend expected to continue through 2024 and beyond.


Gas emissions were also down, and electricity consumption decreased by 19% over 2022, thanks in part to switching gas and electricity suppliers to green and renewable sources.


Managing Partner Matthew Samuel-Camps said: “By voluntarily disclosing this data, we recognise where we are making positive changes in meeting our carbon commitment and environmental policy goals, whilst acknowledging, identifying and planning potential areas for improvement.


“We have made great strides as a business over the last year and are encouraged by the results of our carbon report. Our overall objective is to shrink our carbon footprint by 10% year on year and we have implemented lots of adjustments, big and small, to gain the momentum needed to move towards this goal.


“Like any business, there will always be more that we can achieve in reducing our carbon footprint. We are candid about those areas we can continue to improve on, including travel. We accept that travel is a necessity for our business because we have to inspect properties, for example, and this will continue to be an area of primary focus for us.


“We remain focussed on measuring, monitoring and reducing our carbon emissions in energy, transport, our products and services, as well as our waste and are encouraging our people to do the same.”


“As we look to the year ahead, we will continue to challenge ourselves and our supply chain and work with our clients to proactively reduce our carbon emissions further, as well as potentially exploring carbon offsetting measures alongside what we are already doing.”


Vail Williams’ Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Team and Regional Managing Partners implemented several changes throughout 2023 which have had a positive impact on the firm’s carbon footprint.


These include a switch to 100% renewable energy across several offices, as well as relocating to more sustainable premises with better green credentials and EPC ratings in Reading and London in 2022 and Woking in 2023.


In 2023, more than 30% of LLP members moved from petrol or diesel cars to hybrid or EVs, meaning the firm remains on track to be petrol free by the end March 2026.


Also, the Sustainability Action Plan 2022-25 laid out several initiatives to help drive down carbon emissions, including promoting and incentivising smarter travel such as public transport, cycling and car sharing.


Read the full report: https://vailwilliams.com/positive-progress-as-latest-carbon-emissions-report-published/


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