SHW adds Facilities Management contract for Norfolk House, Croydon

SHW has been appointed to oversee the Facilities Management for Norfolk House in Croydon, marking a significant step in the management of the property following its recent acquisition by a private investor.

The mixed-use complex, comprising shopping, hotel and office spaces, benefits from its proximity to East Croydon Station, enhancing its accessibility and appeal. The involvement of SHW, which extends from Commercial Property Management to acting as letting agent, forms a strategic approach to optimising the scheme’s potential, leveraging its substantial square footage to attract a diverse range of tenants and visitors.


Situated on a 1.84-acre site, Norfolk House totals 160,672 sq ft, including a 149-bed, 60,000 sq ft Travelodge Hotel, 40,228 sq ft of offices space and 60,444 sq ft of retail. The property is multi-let to tenants including McDonalds, Clydesdale Bank, Moss Bros and Greggs.


Tarniah Thompson of SHW says: “We're thrilled to share that Norfolk House has officially joined our property portfolio and we look forward to working in collaboration with our Property Management team to deliver an exceptional property and facilities service at Norfolk House. We understand that each property has unique needs and challenges. Our dedicated FM team is committed to leveraging their expertise and innovative solutions to optimise the performance of Norfolk House and exceed the expectations of our client and tenants.


“As we welcome this new addition, I want to highlight the crucial role of FM mobilisation and facilities management in ensuring a seamless transition and optimal operational efficiency. Effective FM mobilisation is the cornerstone of a successful onboarding process. It sets the stage for smooth operations, streamlined processes, and a positive tenant experience. From conducting thorough site assessments to implementing tailored facility management strategies, every step is crucial in maximising the potential of our new property.

“Facilities management plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the functionality of spaces. By prioritising proactive maintenance, efficient resource allocation, and responsive service delivery, we strive to create environments that foster productivity, safety, and satisfaction for all stakeholders.”


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