The Inclusion Journey is now available for pre-orders!

The Inclusion Journey - Your practical guide to your diversity and inclusion strategy. Our book is now available for pre-order from all major book retailers.

The Inclusion Journey written by Allegra Chapman and Mousumi Kanjilal Williams, the co-founders of Watch This Sp_ce. 


Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization is not only the right thing to do for society, it's the right thing to do for the business. Productivity, engagement and profitability all improve with a more inclusive workplace.

The book is written for HR professionals, talent managers and leaders concerned with inclusion in their organization, The Inclusion Journey explains how to identify the actions that will make real impact, implement meaningful change, track and report on progress and build diversity and inclusion strategies that result in long-term growth.


The book is packed full of case studies and practical ways to progress on your inclusion journey. Produce a prioritized action plan that will enable the business to work towards its goals and track the progress along the way. It covers everything from the business benefits of inclusion and the current inclusion gaps in the organization, through to assembling the right people and resources needed to close these gaps. There is also guidance on how to get stakeholder buy-in and advice on how to link diversity and inclusion goals to overall business objectives.

The book will be published on August 3rd, and you can pre-order it now! 


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