Time to pick our winning photo

Congratulations to the 12 finalists in the Sussex Wildlife Trust 'All Shapes and Sizes' photography competition. Now it's over to you to vote for the overall winner.


Voting closes on Tuesday 31 October 2023


Vote for your favourite here


1. Cormorant at Sunrise - Tim Nightingale

Our Judges said "Beautifully composed image of a Cormorant against the sun showcasing the Sussex coastal landscape."

2. Deep Freeze - Simon Bone

Our Judges said "This stunning image, following a heavy snowfall, creates a wonderful winter wonderland scene."

3. Eurasian Jay - Phil Winter

Our Judges said "A key species to ensure the regeneration of Oak – the Jay collecting acorns to cache for winter larder."

4. Fulking Mist - Lloyd Lane

Our Judges said "A beautifully captured portrait of our changing seasons and changing landscape."

5. Great Green Bush Cricket - Claire Milham

Our Judges said "Showing the diversity of Sussex chalk downland species at their best."

6. L.E.D. - Simon Grinyer

Our Judges said "Breathtaking image of this rare insect captured as the female shines her light to attract a male."

7. Nuthatch on Fungi - Brian Watkins

Our Judges said "Superb take on this iconic woodland bird demonstrating the typical Nuthatch pose."

8. Poppies in the Sun - Claire Andrews

Our Judges said "A lovely backlit composed shot highlighting the fragility of flower and bee populations in our county."

9. Siblings - Brooke Haycock

Our Judges said "Charming capture of two Fox cubs learning about life through vigorous play."

10. Spring has Sprung in Sussex - Lloyd Lane

Our Judges said "Stunning iconic image of Bluebells captured in spectacular light."

11. Vineyard Hare - Emma Varley

Our Judges said "Inquisitive and alert – one of our most dynamic mammals captured in a fleeting moment in wonderful light."

12. Wing to Wing - Billy Evans-Freke

Our Judges said "Excellent image of Kittiwakes in a setting highlighting the everchanging fragile chalk cliffs habitat it calls home."















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