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Wilder Ouse and What's a Robin's Pincushion?

Wilder Ouse

Sussex Wildlife Trust is delighted to announce the official launch of ‘Wilder Ouse’ – a project bringing together people across the Ouse River Catchment to help restore nature. This project expands on previous work carried out by the Sussex Flow Initiative. Wilder Ouse project partners include the Environment Agency, Woodland Trust and Lewes District Council.

Over the next few months, Wilder Ouse Project Officer Lydia Baxter will be meeting local people with a view to working with them and leading some of our first nature recovery projects across the catchment. Lydia said, ‘I’m delighted to be leading on this exciting project and keen to see what a difference it will make."


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What's a Robin's Pincushion?

Living up to its name, the Robin's Pincushion is a red, round, hairy growth that can be seen on wild roses. This gall is caused by the larvae of a tiny gall wasp.


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