David Mellor Mentoring - Sales Workshop

Who is it for? 

This highly interactive halfday workshop is for you if you find sales daunting if not scary. We will consider how you can adapt your behaviour to build better relationships with clients and prospects, thus generating more repeat sales and new sales revenue.


  • How your self-awareness can help you to understand others better
  • What attributes will help you to become a good salesperson
  • How to turn strangers into cash in the bank
  • How to adapt your behaviour to build better relationships

What people say? 

"I have a much better insight into my approach and an increased sense of self awareness. I feel I gained skills to ensure I am more adaptable to the needs of the client."

"It is fascinating to see how adapting your communication can build such powerful strong relationships for the benefit of the selling process. This is selling made easy and in a
contemporary way"

"I've learnt to recognize the signals of each personality type and adopted changes in approach to each person"

"This has changed the way in which I communicate in that I no longer write emails and proposals for 'me'"

When and Where? 

Sussex London
The Hickstead Hotel Eight Members Club 
Job's Lane 1 Change Alley 
Bolney London EC3V 3ND
West Sussex RH17 5NZ


Sussex Dates London Dates
27/09/18 28/02/18
29/11/18 25/04/18
31/01/18  27/06/18
28/03/18 25/07/18
30/05/18 26/09/18


Cost: £125 per person (plus VAT)

If you are a gdb member you can recieve 40% off! 


david@davidmellormentoring.com or call 07957 480460. 



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