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All companies should be embedding the environment into their business to get the commercial benefits. Anya Ledwith, from Eshcon, identifies improvements, calculates carbon emissions & puts in Environmental Management Systems (EMS), so that you become more efficient, reduce risk & win new business.


This year, you should be aware of deadlines & legislation requirements that may affect your business.


If you have an ISO 14001 certified EMS, you need to upgrade to the new standard by the deadline September 2018. There are some significant changes required, which need to be ASAP.


Companies coming under the ESOS energy regulations should be gathering data now - you'll need to show energy consumption for a 12 month period covering 31st December 2018. Energy audits can be done now too, so you benefit from the energy savings sooner.


For advice, contact Anya on info@eshcon.co.uk or see the website for more info www.eshcon.co.uk/news-for-2018


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