GDB partnership - after a chance encounter!

At the April GDB meeting, new member Joe Cheal from Imaginarium Learning & Development got talking to the host of the event, Jenna Barlow, Sales Manager of the Gatwick Holiday Inn.


They got talking about the British culture and how we are not always good at asking for we want or complaining effectively… indeed that we sometimes end up resorting to forms of manipulation… creative perhaps but not always conducive to brilliant relationships!


This conversation led to a "why don't we…" moment! So they teamed up to host an affordable event for local businesses. The course, titled "The Power of Ethical Persuasion" will provide some practical tools and techniques to help people become more influential in business and life!


They have organised it for the morning of 10th August at the Holiday Inn Gatwick. Jenna adds: "We are delighted to be hosting this event. Working together with a local business is very important to us and we believe that running this kind of event can benefit lots of individuals in a variety of roles."


Joe has a twenty-five-year background in business psychology and has seen the effect that 'ethical influence' can have: "A few years ago, a purchaser in an engineering company we worked with saved £50K by asking one question he had never asked before… 'What's your best price?' Simple perhaps, but it made the difference!"


The course runs from 9.30-12.30 and pre-booking is essential. There is a fee of £49.00+VAT which will include teas & coffees. To find out more, you can contact Imaginarium on 01892 309205 or info@imaginariumdev.com. Or book direct via www.imaginariumdev.com/events/.


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