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Why The Missing Piece?

Can you help us?

The Missing Piece is a business consultancy with a love for technology and developing routes to the future. We work alongside you in partnership to ensure you have the skills you need and an aligned energised team to achieve the future you dream of. 

Mark and Adele have a history of working in technology sector with IOT, IT Security and Health. We help scale your business. We operate by being on the journey with you, as both partner and advisor. 

What is in a name? The Missing Piece name recognises what most boards and founders think or say. Why, when we have already grown successfully, aren't we continuing to grow?

What we do is supplement, consult and coach the area or capability that is missing and stay with you to support implementation.

The companies we really love working with reflect our combined history with leading edge people led businesses with fun as their core value. Health, Sport, Social NGOs, and technology including IOT are our core interests. Today we work with asset management IOT businesses, IT Risk Security and compliance, Food & Beverage Technology, and with Health companies at the forefront of their service offer.  

We work to develop the capability you need to grow. We are big fans of Simon Sinek and believe in the power of Why? Always looking at future trends, and what is becoming important for your company, the Missing Piece runs a combination of individual and group activities to cement vision and values and ensure the whole team is working in the same direction. This ensures that all the What? and How? elements of the Revenue Chain are informed and enabled.

What next?

We are looking for help. We want to find 5, fast moving companies in GDB footprint with an employee count of more than 10, who would like to map their capabilities against the Revenue Chain and discover their missing piece. In return we will invest our time at board level to advise on a plan to accelerate growth.

Click here - https://themissingpiececompany.com/contact-us/


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