gdb Members Workhorse Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Next Stage of Growth!

According to a recent study a massive 94% of workplaces struggle with the apps and software they use*. This statistic is not unsurprising to SME software provider and GDB member, Workhorse; it's the whole reason they exist.

Generic, off-the-shelf software is failing small businesses. No single SME is alike, nor are their processes, yet they are forced to shoe-horn the way they work into standalone SaaS products designed around a single business process such as sales or billing. Typically implemented in-house, existing SaaS solutions, are overwhelming in complexity with users typically only using a fraction of the functionality, leaving business owners confused, frustrated and resorting to spreadsheets. The alternative, traditional bespoke software, typically demands budgets of tens of thousands of pounds with long implementation cycles.

Workhorse's goal is to put SMEs back in control of mission critical software, delivering effective, integrated applications with real-time savings and enhancing visibility of day-to-day operations. As a part of this strategy they have launched a crowdfunding campaign for their next stage in growth.

Workhorse's founder, Alastair Badman, commented;

 "Intelligent approaches to cloud software for SMEs have huge potential in the UK market and beyond. Not only are there huge swathes of industry that are yet to capitalise on the benefits, 94% of businesses are cited as struggling with the apps and software they are already using. Workhorse's exceptional flexibility and deep customisation is unlike existing solutions and extremely well-placed to solve these business problems across multiple sectors."

Workhorse customer, Bisley's Director of Sales, Mike Dye, comments;

"Workhorse has improved the vision for the Sales team and I'm keen to see the change in how knowledge is shared between the Customer Services office and the Sales Showroom. Our experience is that Workhorse has enabled us to be more consistent and productive, enabling us to provide a quicker and cleaner process that improves the client experience. It's exciting how quickly the software can be adapted and it's impressive with the amount of editing/change that can be done in-house."

Founded in 2016 by Managing Director, Alastair Badman, Workhorse provides custom SaaS software for the SME market in the UK, Europe and USA. Having spent 18 years, developing code and solutions for enterprise and small business, Badman developed his proprietary software framework in response to the needs he was seeing in the small business sector where off-the-shelf packages simply weren't meeting their needs, reducing accuracy and wasting time. 

To find out more about Workhorse's plans and to join us on our journey go to https://www.seedrs.com/workhorse

Or goworkhorse.com

*94% of workplaces struggle with the apps and software they use and 95% struggle with technology designed to address their business problems. (Workplace Innovation Report - Filemaker - January 2019)


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