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If you are expecting to make redundancies in the next few months, one of the kindest things you could do is to provide those you have to sadly let go, with the skills and confidence to seek a new job. 
Many of your staff won't have had an interview for years and will feel terrified by the prospect of putting themselves out there in such a competitive job market. 
Here are some recent headlines:
"Yorkshire restaurant owner in disbelief after receiving 800 applications for 15 jobs."
"Receptionist job in Manchester diner gets 1000 applications in 24 hours."
"Natwest to cut 555 jobs in branches."

Yes, this is what it will be like for your ex-employees. And predicted to get even more challenging once furlough ends.
So, what can you do to help those you are about to let go?
I suggest starting with the basics, such as how to write a great CV and how to prepare for interviews and other forms of assessment. This will hugely increase their chances of success.
As an example, here's feedback from part of the process I created for a client who was restructuring their organisation:

"Ali ran an interview coaching workshop for our staff who were at risk of redundancy.
She helped them to recognise all the skills and qualities they had that would be relevant in other roles they might apply for, including our internal restructuring recruitment process. 
Many of these people hadn't had an interview for ages so she focused on building their confidence and gave them practice in answering typical questions. 
We received really positive feedback from this. They felt far better prepared for future interviews. 
We were really pleased to have invested in supporting them and helping them succeed." 

Helen Campbell-Wroe, Pathways to Independence


Such a thoughtful approach to those who are leaving has a direct correlation with your brand values.
Employees leaving will value the help you provided and share positive stories, supporting your brand long after they've left the company.

When you get this right, they are an additional sales team and your ambassadors forever.
If you'd like to give your staff a confidence boost by helping them revisit their CVs, brush up on their interviewing skills, and give them a fighting chance in such a tough job market, please get in touch. 


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