Church creates stunning angel display for local hospice

A very special installation of angels is coming to Trafalgar Road Baptist Church from 2 December. 

A gorgeous display of 35 hand-knitted angels will be on show outside the front of the church, to celebrate advent, to remember those who have died this year, and to raise vital funds for St Catherine's Hospice. 

The angels are also dedicated to the staff of St Catherine's to thank them for the care they've given local people throughout a very difficult year. 

A group of 12 ladies from the church, including Jackie Hutchinson, have worked tirelessly on the beautiful installation. Here, Jackie tells us more. 

"The idea started developing during the dark months of January and February. Back then, we never imagined how significant our angels would become. 

We've been working on our angels since September and we're really pleased to see them coming together. Each angel takes about five evenings to make and then stuffing them and waiting for them to dry usually takes a week or two. 

Most of us involved have grandparents that went through two World Wars and our grandmothers knitted socks for the soldiers. We thought, if they could knit through much more difficult times, surely so could we. 

Although it takes a lot of time, having these projects has been amazing. It's kept our church community in touch, given us all a purpose and helped us support one another through isolation, bereavement and family illness. We've known what's been going on in one another's lives, so we've been there for each other, providing meals or extra wool if one of us runs out. Working on the angels has been wonderful. It's kept us strong and together. 

We hope lots of people will enjoy our angel installation and that it will help lift their spirits after a difficult year. We also hope the angels will bring comfort and support for those who are grieving." 

People who visit the angels are encouraged to donate to St Catherine's, or to donate to give an angel a new home after the installation comes down.

Felicity Parsons, Community Fundraiser at St Catherine's said, "We're so grateful to the congregation of Trafalgar Road Baptist Church for their enthusiastic support of St Catherine's, and we're really touched that they've dedicated their angels to our staff. We hope their display will help get people in the festive mood as they enjoy their outdoor exercise, and inspire them to give a much-needed donation to our hospice, or to purchase their own angel to enjoy at home. This support has never been more vital." 

To make a donation or to buy one of the angels please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/christmasangels2020


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