GATCOM Weekly Newsletter - January 2020 (1)


CAA: Call for Evidence on recognised assistance dogs

View the Consultation documents and guidance here. Submissions via email to consumerenforcement@caa.co.uk by Friday 10 January 2020.

Transport Strategy for the South East - Consultation Draft

Transport for the South East (TfSE) has launched a consultation on its draft Transport Strategy. The closing date for comments is 10 January 2020.

Click here to see TfSE press release, click here to see the consultation document and click here to see the Executive Summary. 

CAA Draft Decision for comment - Departure Route 4

The CAA is inviting comment on the draft report's findings. The objective of this is ensure that the CAA has not missed, misunderstood or misinterpreted any relevant matters. The deadline for comments is 3 February 2020.

CAA Consultation - Airspace classification review 2019-2020

The CAA would like help to identify volumes of controlled airspace in which the classification could be amended to better reflect the needs of all airspace users on an equitable basis. Submissions by 3 March 2020 via the website. Click here for supporting documents and Survey.


  • What Are The Worst Airports In The World? - Forbes 05.01.20

[Gatwick rated 6.62/10] The U.K's second-largest airport was also rated one of the worst airports in the world based on quality and punctuality. Despite recent investments in terminal renovations and a failed campaign to build a second runway instead of Heathrow Airport, passengers seem to remain unimpressed with certain aspects at Gatwick. Crowded lounges and waiting areas have been some of the most consistent complaints with London's second airport. Read more

  • New calls to curb Gatwick Airport expansion plans - Crawley and Horley Observer 06.01.20

Campaigners against the expansion of Gatwick Airport are appealing to newly-elected MPs to help curb the airport's growth plans. Members of the campaign group Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions - CAGNE - are also urging local residents, along with the MPs, to protest to the Secretary of State for Transport. They say that Gatwick's expansion proposals will lead to an extra 55,000 flights a year by 2033. They maintain there is insufficient infrastructure to cope with the growth and that it will lead to increases in noise levels and carbon emissions. Read more

  • Jazeera Airways updates fare categories from Gatwick - BBT 08.01.20

Kuwaiti low-cost carrier Jazeera Airways has revealed new services and fare categories for its daily flight from Gatwick airport. From today, the all-economy class airline will offer three fare categories: Light, Value and Extra. Jazeera Airways said each type allows passengers to choose the services they will need for their flight. Read more


  • Enhancing customer experience to boost non-aeronautical revenues - 19.06.19

The rise in the number of global travellers coupled with the increased use of mobile and digital technology, increased competition, and new e-commerce options has important implications for non-aeronautical revenue for airports and their bottom lines. Read more

  • CAP1807: CAA Consumer Panel Annual Report 2018-2019 - CAA 18.12.19

(The Panel acts as a non-statutory critical friend, giving expert advice to the CAA as policy is being developed, and making sure the consumer interest is central. The annual report sets out the Panel's achievements, including its work to support the CAA's Aviation Consumer Survey, it's contributions to DfT's work to develop a new aviation strategy, it's input to the Airline Insolvency Review, and it's work with the CAA on consumer vulnerability.)

Download pdf here

  • CAP1862: Airspace Modernisation - Progress Report 2019 - CAA 19.12.19

The CAA must report to the Secretary of State annually on the delivery of the airspace modernisation strategy - this 2019 update provides an update on governance, policy and regulatory process since the publication of the airspace modernisation strategy plus a summary of current delivery plans and their assessment of progress towards completion of each major initiative. Download pdf here

  • Air traffic numbers fall for second consecutive month - NATS 20.12.19

In November, NATS handled 181,523 flights in UK airspace, 2.3% less air traffic when compared to November 2018. However, traffic for the year has increased by 0.9% overall. Read more

  • Boris Johnson unveils plan to increase number of flights, despite global climate emergency: 'A total disregard for the planet' - Airport Watch 21.12.19

As part of the Queen's Speech on 20th December, there is to be an "Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill". This will have the effect of squeezing more flights into same airspace and grow the airline sector. Read more

  • I have a love affair with airline food - for all the reasons our readers seem to hate it - Independent 24.12.19

The feeling of being strapped into an economy seat, wrapped in a fleece blanket, scraping up an overcooked, carb-leaden meal from its tin foil container is the adult equivalent of being swaddled. Read more

  • DOSSIER: Can climate-friendly aviation ever actually exist? - Geographical 26.12.19

Large-scale air travel is under public scrutiny, and refusing to fly is increasingly in vogue, but can not dismantling the aviation industry really be justified? Read more

  • Orange peel, rubbish and fatbergs: the fuels behind the future of green transport - DfT 30.12.19

New funding to boost the advanced fuels industry. Read more

  • Legal: Points are now political - BBT 01.01.20

A proposed climate change levy on air miles begs the question: who actually owns them? Read more

  • BA starts carbon offsetting on UK domestic flights - Travel Weekly 02.01.20

British Airways started offsetting carbon emissions on all UK domestic flights from January 1. The initiative is part of the airline's aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Passengers flying within the UK will have the carbon emissions from their flights offset by the airline and invested in verified carbon reduction projects around the world. These include projects such as renewable energy, protection of rainforests and reforestation programmes. Read more

  • British public positive about aviation despite environmental concerns - NATS 02.01.20

NATS annual tracking survey concludes: Pros of aviation outweigh the cons, environmental concerns increasing but people still want to fly, and reducing environmental impact of flying seen as biggest benefit of modernising airspace. Read more See also NATS Blog post on this article.

  • UK carriers fail to make global punctuality chart - Travel Weekly 02.01.20

No UK carrier makes an appearance in a new study of global airline punctuality. Aeroflot is named as the world's most on-time mainline airline and the top performer in Europe. Read more or download full report

  • Passenger aircraft crash fatalities halved in 2019 and made it one of the safest years on record for air travel - iNews 02.01.20

The number of people killed in crashes of large commercial passenger aircraft halved last year and made 2019 one of the safest on record for air travel, according to industry figures. Figures collated by a Dutch aviation consultancy, To70, showed that there were eight fatal accidents last year, resulting in 250 deaths, of which more than half were due to the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March. By comparison, there were 13 fatal accidents in 2018, leading to 534 fatalities. Read more

  • The airborne commute - a flight of fancy? - BBC 02.01.20

There are hundreds of firms competing to come up with the perfect airborne vehicle, with around 175 new designs currently vying to get made. But can a sky-high commute ever be achieved and, if it can, will it be affordable for the average harassed commuter? The BBC met two German firms working to make electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft a reality, at a recent tech summit in Lisbon. Read more

  • Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill 2019-20 - House of Commons research briefing 02.01.20

The Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill [HL] 2019-20 was announced in the Queen's Speech on 19 December 2019. Read briefing

  • Comment: Will 2020 be the year of the super app? - Travel Weekly 03.01.20

This year will usher in a new decade and it's set to be a momentous one for the travel industry. Digital technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. In the short term, we will see technology enhancing and, ultimately, changing experiences at every stage of the traveller journey. Super apps, virtual reality (VR) and human-machine interaction are just three of the trends we believe will dominate the industry in 2020. Read more

  • Natural England and the licences it gives airports to kill birds 13km from airport boundary - Airport Watch 03.01.20

The law in the UK allows airports to get licences issued by Natural England to kill a range of bird species, within an area 13 kilometres from the airport boundary. The killing is meant to be if there is danger to the safety of plane flights. According to Natural England, 12,956 birds were culled in 2015-16, with rooks, crows and pigeons making up the largest number. A FoI request has been submitted to ascertain the number of airports issued with licences recently, the number of birds killed, and the ways in which they were killed. Read more

  • EEA data show EU aviation greenhouse gas emissions rose 129% between 1990 and 2017 - huge future increases expected - Airport Watch 04.01.20

Greenhouse gas emissions from international aviation have more than doubled over the past two decades. The increase was 129% between 1990 and 2017. Although international aviation and shipping each account for less than 3.5% of the EU's total greenhouse gas emissions, they have been the fastest growing sources of emissions that contribute to climate change. Despite small improvements in fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions from planes in 2050 are expected to be 7 to 10 times higher (i.e. 700% to 1,000% higher) than 1990 levels, while emissions from ships are projected to increase by 50% to 250%. Read more

  • New King's College study on Heathrow ultrafine particle air pollution shows it spreads far into London - Airport Watch 04.01.20

In a new study, researchers from King's College London have measured ultrafine particles (UFP) in European cities and detected emissions from airports. The researchers identified, characterised and quantified the sources UFPs in Barcelona, Helsinki, London, and Zurich between 2007 and 2017. They found that London had the highest concentration of UFP compared to other cities. The greatest concentrations of the smallest particles (called nucleation particles) when the wind was blowing from the airport in all cities. This indicates that airports are a major UFP source and that these small particles can travel many kilometres. Traffic emissions contributed the most. So it is confirmed that Heathrow pollution - with very negative health impacts - spreads far into London, many miles away. Read more

  • A digest of a decade in air travel, from the biggest airlines to the most popular planes - Independent 04.01.20

Another decade over, and the Twenties begin with much the same airlines deploying the same planes on the same sorts of routes as they did at the start of the 2010s. Aviation does not change fast, but the schedule analysers at OAG have looked at some key metrics and identified serious shifts. Read summary. Link to full OAG article.

  • A350 touchscreens on the way - BTNews 06.01.20

Deliveries to airlines have begun of the first Airbus A350s equipped with pioneering new touchscreen cockpit displays developed specially for the aircraft by the manufacturer together with aerospace electrical specialist Thales Group. Read more

  • UK offsetting scheme takes off - BTNews 06.01.20

British Airways has begun its UK carbon offsetting programme, part of its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, with all UK flights having emissions offset by the airline and invested in global carbon reduction projects. Read more

  • Emirates' Sir Tim Clark to retire - BBBT 06.01.20

Emirates has announced that long-standing president Sir Tim Clark will step down in June after 35 years with the airline. The carrier's chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum revealed Clark's retirement in an internal memo sent to staff in December, saying he would remain an advisor after his departure. According to local media, Emirates has yet to indicate how it plans to appoint Clark's successor. Read more

  • Heathrow Express makes commercial appointments - Travel Mole 06.01.20

Heathrow Express has announced two new appointments in its commercial team. Mark Eastwood becomes business development manager and Nicolette Miller partnership marketing manager. Read more

  • Heathrow to submit expansion application in 2020 - BBT 07.01.20

Heathrow airport has outlined a timeline for submitting a planning application to build a third runway by the end of 2020, with a fresh public consultation announced. The busy London hub will launch a new, eight-week public consultation in April "to finalise its proposals for airport expansion", with the aim of filing its application to the Planning Inspectorate towards the end of the year. Read more

  • Should all screen stars stop flying for work? - BBC 07.01.20

Before stepping up to collect their Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Hollywood's great and good were warned by host Ricky Gervais to reassess their relationship with "the real world". "If you win an award tonight, don't use it as a platform to make a political speech," he said. "You're in no position to lecture the public about anything, you know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg." The UK actor, writer and comedian was joking, of course, but in doing so he touched on an important question: Are the rich and famous doing enough to help the planet that serves them so well? On Tuesday, one famous actor vowed to do more - potentially at the expense of her career. Read more

  • First US Airline Pledges Carbon Neutrality by Mid-2020 For All Domestic Flights - 07.01.20

JetBlue is the first US airline to show its commitment to the fight against climate change by pledging carbon neutrality by July of this year, totalling an offset of between 7 and 8 million tonnes (8-9 million tons) of CO2 emissions annually. That is the annual equivalent of removing 1.5 million passenger vehicles from the road. Read more

  • American Airlines settles 737 Max compensation with Boeing - BBT 07.01.20

American Airlines says it has reached a confidential compensation agreement with Boeing for financial damages caused by the grounding of the 737 Max aircraft. In a statement, the airline said it would contribute money from the settlement to its team members' 2019 profit-sharing scheme, based on estimated full-year damages for the Max groundings. Read more

  • Airline polluters should pay - now - Travel Mole 08.02.20

CORSIA envisages 2035 as the date that airlines are compelled to take responsibility for their emissions -but that is too late, says Valere Tjolle. Read more

  • Bristol airport to offset passenger road journeys - BBT 08.01.20

Bristol airport has announced it will offset all passenger journeys to and from the airport by road as part of its Carbon Roadmap. Offsets will be purchased retroactively based on an annual survey showing the different modes of travel used by passengers to get to the airport.

The Environmental Effects Working Group of the airport's Consultative Committee, which includes local communities and passengers, will play a role in selecting suitable offsetting schemes, with a focus on local projects where possible. The scheme went into effect on 1 January, and Bristol claims to be the first airport in Europe to offset passenger road journeys. Read more

  • European carriers told to avoid 'risky' Middle East routes - Travel Weekly 09.01.20

Commercial flights by EU airlines have been recommended to avoid Iraqi airspace following the Iranian missile attack on US forces in Iraq. The European Aviation Safety Agency issued the guidance on Wednesday after the US Federal Aviation Administration banned US carriers from the region. Read more

  • CAA 'sorry' for Thomas Cook refund delays - Travel Weekly 09.01.20

The Civil Aviation Authority has apologised for the length of time being taken to handle Thomas Cook refunds. The aviation regulator confirmed that around 10,000 claims remain outstanding but insisted that it had a dedicated team working on the process "as a matter of urgency". Read more

  • IAG chief Willie Walsh stands down - Travel Weekly 09.01.20

Willie Walsh, the long-standing boss of British Airways owner International Airlines Group, is standing down. He will leave the role of chief executive and the board of the global airline combine on March 26 and retire on June 30. Iberia chief executive Luis Gallego will succeed Walsh at IAG which also owns carriers including Aer Lingus, Vueling and Level. Read more

  • Climate change and political tensions pose top travel risks - BBT 09.01.20

The impact of climate change and the impending US election will be the two most important causes of travel risks in 2020, according to a risk intelligence expert. Read more

  • Next step for Biggin Hill Airport's "game changer" aviation college - This is London 09.01.20

The next step in the £11m expansion of Biggin Hill Airport, which includes the development of a new hotel and aviation college, is set to take place next week. Members of Bromley Council's executive are expected to provide a final green-light for the project by granting landlord's consent at their January 15 meeting. Read more

  • Ryanair confounds 'worst airline' tag again as strong Christmas bookings and lucrative 'add-ons' prompt it to boost profit forecast to €1billion - This is Money 10.01.20

Budget airline Ryanair has raised its profit forecast for the financial year after recording higher bookings over the Christmas period. Ryanair says it now expects to make pre-tax profits between €950million (£806million) and €1.05billion (£890million) this year. This is almost €150million above its previous guidance. Ryanair's most recent full set of results showed it is increasingly cashing in on add-ons on top of air fares, with passengers forking out £1.4billion on extras such as reserving a seat or bringing an extra bag in just six months. Read more



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