gdb Member Nettl of Crawley sets up Support Crawley

Local (Crawley) people WANT to support local businesses, charities and initiatives now more than ever, but often don't know how to go about it - so it's up to the people who run those organisations to let them know how, and Support Crawley is a means to do that. Jim Bolt from Nettl of Crawley who has set up Support Crawley says; "I'm trying to encourage the businesses who add themselves to the site to think of specific ways in which they can support others and can themselves be supported - not necessarily just with people buying stuff - it might be posting an online review, a referral or even just browsing through their website. There is also a page which encourages people to donate the money they would normally spend on their commute to a local charity. I'm trying to keep the organisations featured local to the Crawley area to maintain a community spirit and I'm running the site free of charge and covering all the costs involved myself - it's just my way of doing my bit (basically, I was feeling a bit useless and wanted to do something to help others)."



For more information go to - https://www.supportcrawley.com/



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