MHA Carpenter Box & DMH Stallard - Brexit Webinar


What are the key actions to prepare for the customs and tax changes from 1 January 2021?

With the end of the transition period fast approaching, a number of tax and trading changes will arise once the UK leaves the EU Single Market and Customs Union.

While businesses are taking steps to prepare, many are unsure where to begin managing their Brexit risk.

Join MHA Carpenter Box and DMH Stallard on this webinar as they discuss the key tax and contract considerations you should be aware of, answer the questions businesses are
asking and provide practical steps you can take to prepare for the changes ahead.


  • How UK VAT will be affected by Brexit
  • EU VAT implications of cross- border trade
  • Is an EU VAT registration required?
  • Changes to VAT on imports UK and EU Customs duties, and customs declarations
  • Will your contracts be legally frustrated by Brexit? If so, how can you change them to make trading more level?
  • Will the data laws change in 2021?

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