What did you do when the pause button was pressed?

Ingenuity, creativity, a willingness to learn, innovate and adapt. These are the traits of an agile business. They are trying new things and embracing new technology in order to continue to connect and engage with their customers. How better to stand out from the crowd and attract new clients? 

Business owners are dealing with unprecedented challenges to their operations and those who demonstrate these attributes will weather the storm and emerge stronger and fitter. 

Large accountancy firms are auditing remotely. Yoga classes are being Zoomed into living rooms. And, our local pottery painting shop is delivering kits to use at home, collection for firing, and delivering finished art work to your door.

Smart business owners surround themselves with brilliant people and now more than any time they will be glad to have made the effort attracting, engaging and recruiting people who will thrive in these uncertain times and help them drive their business forward in new ways.


This is the perfect time for pressing the pause button and having a think. A client told me, ''I'm excited about the future. We're refining our direction, where we want to be". 


It won't be long before business owners are recruiting again. They will be looking for people who match their own powers to adapt and be resilient, candidates who possess the skills and qualities to help them survive and thrive in the future. 

Building a team you can rely on

How well have your staff reacted and adapted to the changes? 

​Have some shown initiative whilst others required more support?

Perhaps some have surprised you with their ideas and others frustrated you with their lack of engagement and enthusiasm?

A crisis exposes those who you are grateful to have on board and the ones who are a drain.

The next time you are recruiting it will be good to reflect on the character traits of the people who have risen to the challenges during this crisis.

You'll have your business Covid-19 survival story. Finding out theirs will offer some interesting insights.

How might you get to the bottom of how adaptable, innovative and resilient they are in a crisis?

One question they definitely need to be able to answer is this:

What did you do when the pause button was pressed?

Here are some examples of responses you'd hope to hear:

  • I took some online courses
  • I was an NHS Responder, helped a local charity or Foodbank
  • I developed my LinkedIn profile and built a network
  • I learnt to code, build a website, or make a short movie or documentary


  • I juggled home schooling my children with meeting my work from home deadlines. I was shopping for and offering remote company to my isolated, elderly parents and looking after ill family members. Trying to keep all these plates spinning was the biggest challenge I've ever faced. 

This is just one example of how to assess whether a candidate has what it takes to not only cope but really thrive under pressure.




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