You and Your Mental Health - Minding Your Business

This pre-recorded webinar is aimed at staff of all levels, and can be viewed by downloading it from vimeo (password protected). Written and delivered by Sarah Ambrose for MYB, Sarah, a Business Psychologist, is one of our trusted and experienced trainers, with a strong background in mental health training.


Covered within this webinar course:
• What is our mental health & how can we invest in it in these challenging times
• Understanding Stress, how it feels & what it looks like & how it shows
• Self-awareness and the barriers to self-reflection
• Fear
• What is resilience - adaptability, knowing where to start
• Simple steps towards mindfulness
• Self-Care and the 'Five Ways of Well-Being'
•How to improve our mental health & well-being, & regain a sense of self control


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