Youth Support is Vital to Avoid Skills Crisis, says new Prince's Trust and GTR Report

The Prince's Trust has just published research, sponsored by Govia Thameslink Railway, revealing some of the barriers to unemployed young people finding work.

Together with The Prince's Trust, we wanted to find out the barriers to and opportunities for better recruitment and early training of young people. Businesses told us that young people were very important to making their businesses successful. Yet, half of businesses think that current ways of recruiting and training young people are failing and that new ways are needed. That frustration is matched by young people we surveyed: Half thought that recruitment processes do not let them show their true abilities and 80 per cent just wanted more transparency about how they are being recruited.

In the midst of skills shortages, there's an untapped talent pool brimming with energy and new ideas to serve our passengers. It shows why we support Get Into Railways.

If you are interested in more detail on the study, you can read more here.


In September we updated you on our Get Into Railways programme. It has supported 180, 18-25 year olds - who previously had been struggling in education or with unemployment - gain skills and work experience. At least 70 more young people will benefit as the programme is set to be extended by another two years.

The programme has had a big impact on the lives and families of these young people and ensures our colleagues and passengers benefit from their talents.


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