COVID-19 Vaccine Update No 20

Progress to date  


First GP-led Vaccination Quiet Session 

Following the success of the COVID-19 quiet session at our larger vaccination centres, we will be holding our first GP-led vaccination quiet session at the Apple Tree Centre, Crawley, on Sunday 13 June 10am - 2pm.

The quiet session is available for people living in Sussex who are currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination, and who would benefit from a quieter and calmer environment, or a longer more relaxed appointment slot. This may include:

People with a learning disability Neuordivergent people, including people on the autism spectrum People with severe anxiety that affects them attending other vaccination centres or services People living with dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease. People can book their appointment by calling or texting 07393798050.
There is the option to book free travel to and from the vaccine centre, and any carer with the person being vaccinated can also book to have their first vaccine dose, if they haven't already had it.

Fact checker 

have received a text to bring my second dose appointment forward but, I had to cancel my original appointment online and now can't see anything sooner. We are aware that some people are receiving a text to say that they can now move their second dose appointment forward to 8 weeks from the date of their first vaccination if they are in JCVI priority cohorts 1-9 and when they try to do this are having difficulties. Appointments are made available in line with vaccine supply and more appointments are being added each day. We are confirming further vaccine supply for second dose appointments and so even more appointments are expected to be added for the coming weeks.
If you have had to cancel your original appointment to try to arrange a new one but can't see a date sooner than you had originally booked, please don't worry; check back online or call 119 over the coming days and you should be able to book for an earlier date.

Hidden Hero's outstanding performance award  

The Practice Manager at Flansham Park Surgery, Natalie Cole has received a national award for setting up Bognor's Covid Vaccination System, which helped deliver more than 55,000 vaccines across the region.
Natalie has been with the NHS for more than ten years and like so many, goes over and above. Natalie received the award, which recognises her 'Outstanding Performance during the Pandemic', on May 25 and, though it's her name on the plaque, she insists it represents the hard work of the entire bookings team, almost all of whom were volunteers.
Natalie said: "The award is really for the bookings team and our Primary Care Network. We were very lucky to get nine practices to work as closely as we do and achieve what we have. It's really rare. My friends and colleagues have been amazing, we really do work as a great team.

"We had 41 people at our peak. And that was mainly practice staff, people who were willing to give up their evenings and weekends, but we also took on friends and family who'd been furloughed or made redundant."
The Hidden Hero Awards are presented by four companies which have supported practices throughout the pandemic: Dene Healthcare, Gama Healthcare, Interface Clinical Services and Practice Index.

150,000th COVID-19 immunisation given at Brighton Centre 


Teams from Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust working at the Brighton Centre this week delivered their 150,000th COVID-19 immunisation, helping to protect local people from the deadly virus. The amazing milestone has been reached thanks to all the hard work and dedication teams of healthcare professionals and volunteers.
COVID-19 vaccination centres are one part of the Sussex vaccination programme, which includes GP led services, roving teams, community pharmacies and hospital hubs. Teams from Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) are running a number of vaccination centres in Sussex, in addition to the local GP-led vaccination services that cover all patients in Sussex. SCFT teams have set up and run five large vaccination centres as part of the largest vaccination programme in the history of the NHS - at The Brighton Centre, The Welcome Building in Eastbourne, Crawley Hospital, Westgate Leisure Centre in Chichester and Etchingham Village Hall (run with local GPs), as well as roving teams who have been working with GP teams to deliver thousands of vaccinations to care home staff and residents and people who have been unable to leave their homes.



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