Have you got what it takes to earn your 'General Certificate of Smuggling Education?'

Spend an evening in the company of fellow trainee 'smugglers' in the country's only academy for 'apprentices' to the world of smuggling. Enjoy a bountiful 3 course meal with wine while you receive training from senior smuggler 'Harry Hawkhurst' and his surprise guest. Pass all the 'tests' to earn your General Certificate of Smuggling Education' and celebrate with a nightcap at the bar.

Join us for this unique event on Saturday 2nd October as part of the Homeward Bound Festival ( http://www.homewardboundfestival.com/ ) and see if you too can 'act like a Owler', 'sow a crop', take hold of a 'tuckstick' and belong in the 'Bo-Peep'!

Tickets on sale now. Go to https://www.oldshipbrighton.co.uk/whats-on/ to book.


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