Thakeham Group Joins Forces with Biffa and Planet Mark to Tackle Plastic Waste

Free 'Plastic Revolution' report details results and recommendations from a

3-month plastic use audit at flagship development in Pease Pottage.

South East community creator Thakeham has joined forces with waste services company Biffa and sustainability certification organisation Planet Mark to transform plastic use and plastic waste on its sites.

A three-month project that started in July, has investigated the journey of plastics to and from its Woodgate development at Pease Pottage in West Sussex. The audit identified more than 80 different types of plastic products in the form of materials, containers, packaging and protection. With the support of waste partner Biffa, Thakeham also tracked the plastic waste produced each day over the course of the audit.

Now, the results have been condensed into a free digital report entitled 'A Plastic Revolution' which details the key findings and steps to be taken to reduce plastic use and improve the environment.

The audit known as 'waste stream mapping' identified that 77% of the volume of plastic waste was packaging and 40% of the plastic products used on site also come in plastic packaging. Thakeham discovered they produced around 82 cubic metres of plastic waste over the three months. Across a year this would be enough waste to fill the average family car boot over 800 times.

For Thakeham Josie Thornewill, Head of Sustainability, said: "Our report, 'A Plastic Revolution', aims to put plastic in its place. For three months, our construction team has segregated and identified all plastic waste to understand what we should keep, improve, and remove - and address the responsible use of this material.

"The audit, and recommendations arising from it, represent the crucial first step for the company. More than that, in sharing our story and experiences we hope to demonstrate complete transparency about the task that lies ahead and inspire our suppliers and other developers to start the same process.

"We've called our report 'Plastic Revolution' because we hope the way we use plastic in our industry will change significantly. Because it must."

In May, Thakeham Group backed a Buckinghamshire-based boat's bid to race across the Pacific Ocean. The attempt by four intrepid women rowers was to raise awareness of plastic pollution in seas around the globe - whilst raising money for the Seabin project. The challenge triggered detailed conversations about plastic use at Thakeham. The partnership with Biffa and resulting 'Plastic Revolution' audit and report is one of the results.

Last year, Thakeham launched a three-fold crusade to become zero carbon by 2025. Specifically, the community creator pledged that every Thakeham home will be zero carbon in lifetime operation; that each home built will be carbon neutral in production; and, Thakeham Group as a whole will also be zero carbon.

More information about The Thakeham 'Plastic Revolution' and the free report can be found at https://bit.ly/APlasticRevolution


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