EMW Gatwick has chosen the Charity: Gatwick Open House for 2022!

We are delighted to announce that our chosen charity for our Gatwick office is Crawley Open House! We always believe in supporting our communities both nationally and locally, that's why our Gatwick Office has selected their 2022 charity to be Crawley Open House.

Crawley Open House has been helping the people of the local area since 1982. Their main goal is to help the homeless and disadvantage by providing an overnight hostel with 26 warm beds as well as a drop-in day centre which 'can be accessed by anybody who needs help, advice or just the company of somebody who cares, empathises and who tries to understand.'


The hostel has 26 beds for anyone over the age of 18. The organisation ensures that only a quick referral phone call is required to secure a free bed, unlike other organisations where the application process can be much longer. Once residents have a space, they stay for an initial 28 days whilst they explore suitable move-on options.

Day Centre

The day centre offers 7 key facilities to help the local community: the advice team, the health team, the resettlement team, workshops and classes, hot food and drinks, internet access and phone charging as well as lots of kindness and empathy. The day centre is open Monday - Friday: 10AM - 2PM and weekends and bank holidays 2PM - 5PM.

How we chose Crawley Open House

As a team, we asked for everyone to nominate a charity. We ended up with 3 amazing local charities to support, all of them being very worthy so it was a difficult decision to make. So, we decided to put the 3 charity names in a 'Santa hat' as it was close to Christmas time and the draw was made at our Christmas party last night

Daisy who is joining us in January as Principal was asked to pull one name out of the hat and the winner was Crawley Open House! This was a lot of fun and we are all very excited about supporting the Crawley Open House in 2022.

"We are proud to announce that not only is our new chosen charity Crawley Open House, but that we have already been busy with our efforts!" - Caroline Watkins, Construction Principal at EMW Gatwick

We have also already made a start by collecting items of clothing, toiletries and chocolates for the Crawley Open House and Gemma Lawrence, Real Estate Legal Director, will be visiting the charity to deliver the goodies we have collected!

Supporting the community

Everyone at EMW gets involved with charitable giving by taking part in our many activities, from supporting our chosen charities to baking a fabulous Victoria sponge cake and our Gatwick team is no different. Supporting the local area means so much to Aiden, Caroline, Adrian, Gemma, Victoria, Ian, Tariq, Daisy and Jayne.












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