How to identify birds by the way they move

Flapping, gliding, soaring...

From a Sparrowhawk's 'flap-flap-glide' to a 'bobbing' Common Sandpiper or the undulating flight of the Great Spotted Woodpecker, the way different birds move can be very distinctive. This can help identify species, even if you only get a fleeting glimpse of the bird. The bird's flight style, size and shape, combined with where it was spotted gives you a good chance of a reliable identification. 

James Duncan looks at how we can identify birds by the way they move.

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Small actions, big outcomes

Sussex Wildlife Trust Communities and Wildlife Training Officer, Mike Murphy and our Sussex Flow Initiative Project Officer, Sam Buckland, have been working with three local primary schools, Plumpton, Hamsey and Barcombe to create leaky dams at Chailey Common. The pupils have been working hard to create the dams, learning about ecosystems engineering, Beavers and using their practical Forest School skills.
If you are aged between 16 and 25, why not try your hand at creating a dam at our Leaky Dam Building Day on 14 February.

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