Invest in your workforce to bring about a positive outlook and enhance the wellbeing of your staff

Our services will illuminate and shine a light on what is important for the individual to help them grow into their potential.

We'd like to introduce ourselves, we are Barefoot Healing, a Holistic and Wellbeing company.

At present we provide an onsite massage service and Holistic Wellbeing package in London for an international organisation, and we are looking to expand further south to where we're based in Crawley. We pride ourselves on the fact that we've been working with this customer for over seven years and have built up a fantastic rapport with their staff and management.

As the owner of Barefoot Healing, and as a therapist myself, I choose my staff because they pride themselves on their quality of service.

Many of them return annually to Thailand to retrain with their existing Thai masters, that way they keep abreast of all new techniques, and they relish the opportunity to learn more and become better therapists in their field.

Corinna, the owner of Barefoot Healing, has been a meditation teacher for over 20 years and is very passionate about teaching a toolbox of skills to enable you to feel relaxed and happy in your everyday lives.

If you feel this is something of interest or benefit to you and your colleagues, please reach out to us and we'll be pleased to share more details. Our services can be altered to be completely unique and bespoke to suit our clients.

We're also happy to showcase our service by offering a 20% discount off your first event.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Corinna Michelle

Barefoot Healing

07809 436174

01293 407 034


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