2024 Wildlife Calendars

2024 Wildlife Calendar

Our two 2024 calendars - Wildlife of Sussex and Rye Harbour Nature Reserve are now available to pre-order from our online shop. 

The 2024 Wildlife of Sussex calendar features 12 stunning full colour images from the portfolios of wildlife photographers who support the work of Sussex Wildlife Trust. The 2024 Rye Harbour Nature Reserve calendar features 12 wonderful photos of wildlife found at one of the most spectacular nature reserves in Sussex. Both also include seasonal wildlife facts and reminders of key UK dates.

Each calendar costs £6.99 including p&p. Calendars will be dispatched by 27 October 2023.

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Have you seen a Hornet?

Sunny days in September can be a good time to spot European Hornets. They can be over 30mm in length, but are much less aggressive than the Common Wasp. They are also an important pollinator and garden pest controller

You may have heard about the invasive Asian Hornet, in our blog we explain how to identify the Asian Hornet and where to report any sightings.

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