Artificial Intelligence is transforming not just individual business but entire industries.

While, to some, the very mention of AI provokes fear, to others it presents huge opportunities.

What it really means for everyone in business will be the topic of the keynote speech at this year’s Brighton and Hove Business Show, and it will be delivered by an expert in the field.


Gerry Lawrence, of Freeman Clarke, believes we are only at the beginning of the largest tech transformation since the commercialisation of the web in the 1990s.


In his talk, ‘AI: Apocalypse or Opportunity’, he will explain how SMEs are already using AI to their advantage.


Those attending his seminar will learn where AI can fit into a business, cost and investment strategies and where to start.


The free-to-attend seminar is taking place at 10.40am in the Donatello Lounge at the Amex Stadium on June 13.


Gerry Lawrence has been helping businesses grow by making the best use of technology since the dawn of the Internet.


He spearheaded technology at the UK’s first ISP, founded the UK’s first Internet based CCTV company, then through PE backed companies acquired and integrated a dozen businesses - including one of the first companies to use AI technology to search the Internet for copyright violations and sentiment monitoring on social media.


Brighton and Hove Business Show opens at 10am on June 13  and runs until 3pm. 


To register for free entry, visit https://brightonandhovebusinessshow.uk/visitor-registration/

Want to book a stand? Learn more at https://brightonandhovebusinessshow.uk/book-a-stand/


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