Copilot in Microsoft Teams: Top 5 Uses (with Prompts)

Artificial intelligence is the current headline technology of the 2020s. With so many ways for organisations to use AI in 2024, making sure you’re up to date with the latest advancements in AI will ensure that you have an edge on the competition.  

Microsoft’s AI chat tool - Microsoft Copilot - is shaping the way organisations work. With so many functionalities and tools available with just a simple prompt, it’s making workflows far more efficient and productive.   

Here, Extech Cloud experts cover the top 5 uses for Copilot within Microsoft Teams to ensure you make the most of your organisation’s communications and collaboration capabilities by empowering them with AI.   


Top Copilot in Microsoft Teams uses  

Summarise meeting notes  

Microsoft Teams is the epicentre of the workplace meeting. Using CoPilot allows you to turn meeting points into actions that can be applied in the workplace.  

Microsoft Copilot lets you turn your Microsoft Teams meeting into a bunch of summarised notes with just a simple prompt., such as ‘summarise the meeting in simple notes’. You can also customise your prompts to better suit your needs.   


Catch-up when attending Late  

Sometimes, being late is unavoidable, however Microsoft Copilot will ensure you’re able to catch up with what you’ve missed by summarising events to keep you in the loop.  

Just ask Copilot to ‘summarise the meeting so far, with all the key points’ and it will give you everything you need or use Copilot’s meeting recap capabilities to go over anything you’ve missed.  


Using chat to create agendas  

As much as post-meeting actions are important, ensuring your meeting is productive and successful is also vital. This is done with an agenda, which Microsoft Copilot can help with.  

Ask Copilot to ‘make an agenda for my meeting about business operations’, for example, and it will use your organisational data to do this – and make any necessary changes. 


Capture and assign actions  

Copilot can capture exactly who is meant to do what action post-meeting, making it clear about who needs to do what - meaning the meetings will be more productive and effective.  

Simply ask Copilot to ‘summarise everyone’s post-meeting actions’ and it will create a clear ‘to do’ list and help prevent responsibilities from getting tangled.  


Catch-up on messages after leave  

When you’re on company leave, you miss a lot of information and going back through missed Teams messages can take time and be confusing.  

Copilot can help immensely. With a simple prompt to ‘summarise everything I’ve missed in the R&D chat since I went on vacation’, it will present a summary of everything that’s happened while you were away. Copilot can also use its organisational data to answer specific questions about subjects discussed.  


As Copilot continues to evolve and adapt, it continues to increase the possibilities it offers businesses. If you haven’t already, it’s time to see what Copilot can do for you. 

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