Open Workshop - Challenge Your Assumptions - Unpicking Unconscious Biases

When we meet people, our brains start to make assumptions about people that we are not always aware of. What assumptions do you make about people? And what do people assume about you?

Join us for an open session of our most popular training workshop - Challenge Your Assumptions.


We are opening up this session as an open workshop where you can learn with others.


At Projects The Lanes, located in the heart of Brighton and Hove, we'll explore how these biases shape our perceptions and decisions without us even realizing it.

Through interactive activities and thought-provoking discussions, we'll uncover the hidden biases that influence our everyday lives, and how we work and interact with others. Gain a greater understanding of biases, and learn how you can create more open communications to build stronger, more inclusive relationships.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to challenge your assumptions and broaden your perspective. This session is open to all and will include interactive discussions and action plans.


Join us at Projects The Lanes in Brighton on Thursday 25th January at 9.30am.


You can book here 


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