Paws for thought

It’s nesting season – but did you know that not all birds nest in trees? Ground nesting birds such as Skylark and Lapwing are especially vulnerable to disturbance. Nests can be destroyed and adult birds frightened off.

To give nesting birds the best chance possible, we’re asking people to stick to footpaths and keep dogs on leads this spring.

How can we make dog walks more wildlife friendly? Read some top tips about walking your dog on nature reserves from fellow dog owners.


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Slugs and Snails


You might think that all slugs and snails are pretty much the same, but there are actually around 150 species in the UK!

Slugs and snails may not have the best reputation, but they play a vital role as decomposers and recyclers. They are also an important food source for other wildlife, including birds, frogs and beetles. So lift up that leaf, pick up that plant pot, and see which ones you have in your garden. 

Find out how you can encourage more molluscs into your backyard and download our Wild About Gardens guide, including identification sheets.


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