TedX Brighton - How Can We Value The Power In Our Differences?

Have you ever wondered what you would talk about if you did a Ted Talk? Mo Kanjilal from Watch This Sp_ce spoke at Brighton Dome in April. She talked about valuing the power in our differences.

Doing a Ted Talk is often on a 'bucket list' for a lot of people of the things they want to do. What would you talk about if you did a Ted Talk?


Mo Kanjilal, one of the Co-Founders at Watch This Sp_ce, spoke at TedX Brighton at Brighton Dome in April. Her talk was 'How Can We Value The Power In Our Differences?'


Do we really listen and understand different perspectives? Do we talk to people who we perhaps don't agree with? Or do we stay inside our own heads and our own bubbles and surround ourselves with people and ideas we already agree with?


And what are the implications of that? If we don't explore other ideas, then how can we start to understand each other and solve the world's problems? This has implications for our lives, how we work, and how we think about things. Can we start to do things differently and listen and understand each other more?


You can now watch her talk on Youtube. 




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