The 4 Day Week: how we made it work (and how it could work for you)

Join Dr Charlotte Rae, the UK's leading quantitative researcher on the impact of the 4 day working week, at Sussex Innovation on 27th March. Along with local business owners, Dr Rae will lead a panel discussion and Q&A about the challenges and benefits of implementing a 4 day week in your workplace.

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Sussex Innovation is hosting its monthly Knowledge Hub session on 27th March with University of Sussex researcher, Dr Charlotte Rae. The session will dissect how different organisations trialled a 4 Day Week, using an approach that worked for them. Discover the benefits and challenges of undertaking the 4 Day Week and whether it really does improve productivity and employee wellbeing. Whether you're looking to trial the 4 Day Week or are just curious to find out more, this is a session you don't want to miss.


The session will cover:

  • What's involved in a 4 Day Week trial.
  • How to find a 4 Day Week approach that works for your organisation.
  • Debunking 4 Day Week myths.
  • Panel Discussion: What are the benefits of the 4 Day Week?
  • Panel Discussion: What are the challenges of the 4 Day Week?
  • Panel Discussion: Did employee wellbeing actually improve?
  • Q &A Discussion.


Speaker and Panel Host

Dr Charlotte Rae is the Founder and Director of Sussex 4 Day Week, who help employers to trial a 4 day working week, from preparing for the switch to implementing a trial and measuring the outcomes. Charlotte is the UK’s leading quantitative researcher on the 4 day week, proving its impact on wellbeing and productivity, and solving many of the common challenges that organisations face as they adjust to new working practices. The Sussex 4 Day Week trial remains open for organisations who would like to take part, so do bring your questions to the event for us to answer!


The Panelists

Nigel Lambe, Sussex Innovation

Nigel Lambe is CEO of Sussex Innovation, an incubation hub providing a business network and offering growth and innovation consultancy, advice, and office space to innovative and scaling SMEs. Sussex Innovation recently undertook a 12 week trial of working 9 day fortnights, the results of the trial and plans for the future will be shared during this event.


Ella Grant, Advice Cloud

Ella Grant is Managing Director of Advice Cloud, who help tech suppliers and buyers get innovative technology into the public sector. After 2.5 years of working 9 day fortnights, Advice Cloud moved to a 4 day week, while still ensuring there was client support in place each day.


Dave Green, HeatMat

Dave Green is Chief Operating Officer of HeatMat, award winning underfloor heating specialists, supplying and specifying high quality systems to professionals and homeowners. HeatMat moved to a 4 day week, with staff off on different days in order to cover all departments. They temporarily increase their working hours during seasonal peaks.


Kerry Watkins, Social For Good

Kerry Watkins is the Founder and Managing Director of Social for Good, who support purpose-driven organisations with social media strategy, training, campaigns and management. Social for Good moved from working a flexible 37.5 hour week to a flexible 30 hour week with an additional 3 hour team meeting once a month, while still making sure there were staff available for clients each day.


Frank Hyde, Sussex Innovation

Frank Hyde is a Project Coordinator and Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion lead at Sussex Innovation. Sussex Innovation recently undertook a 12 week trial of working 9 day fortnights, with alternating training days and days off on Fridays.


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