The benefit of a group nutrition programme

If you want to get to the bottom of some of your health symptoms and triggers, but a private 1:1 programme is either too costly, or you don't know who, where or what to turn to, a group health programme can be an affordable way for you to address some conditions, through a combination of learning, easy-to-implement recommendations, support for the duration of the programme, and perhaps some guidance beyond.

This type of health support can be a powerful tool, as other participants may share similar experiences and challenges. It can be reassuring to realise that you are not alone. As your relationships within the group develop, trust and encouragement combine with a level of accountability, which can drive you forward.
Hopefully the group leader works to create a warm, caring and confidential environment, one where you can be heard, honest and valued. Humour where appropriate may also help you to see hope and lift your mood. The power of laughter!

Whilst a group programme may not give you personalised advice, the latest evidence-based general guidance and reminders of healthy practices can give you some direction, especially when the pace of the programme is well managed. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed. One tiny step at a time to build confidence, celebrate that success and keep gradually reaching towards that health goal.
A nurturing group will build you up, want you to succeed, encourage and motivate you. New connections might emerge that will last and support you after the programme comes to an end. A good leader will also provide or signpost quality resources, memorable techniques and helpful strategies to equip you long-term.

Curious? Take a look at my seasonal group programmes (https://nutrivival.co.uk/services/#seasonal-group-programmes) for a nutritious nudge. 
I run these three times a year. We assess your health and energy in week one, and you set your own goal. We share some nourishing recipes to try throughout the programme. These are designed to boost your energy today and your long-term health beyond. 


Previous participant, "This program is not about dieting, or trying to lose weight quickly this is more than that. This program and the way Anna introduces the program on a weekly basis helps you understand the reason for making the life style change. In 4 weeks I lost 11 pounds, but this is just the start of my weight loss, It has given me better focus, more energy and has given the time to think about what and when I am going to eat and refuel my body. It make eating a good time again and you have the knowledge that what you are eating is good for you. Would I recommend this program and Anna, absolutely!"


Nutrivival also offers a range of private  1:1 programmes, and nutrition consultancy for organisations with 24/7 operations, supporting shift workers.  https://nutrivival.co.uk/


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