The Human Factor: Addressing the Role of Employee Awareness in Cybersecurity

While IT plays a vital role in modern business, people are still the backbone of any organisation. When considering cybersecurity specifically, the human factor is a huge consideration because there is always room for mistakes and errors. 

It’s natural for humans to make mistakes, however, there are ways to manage this - and education is key to ensure your employees know what to look out for, but why.  

Below, Extech Cloud summarises the potential risks and examines how you can use education to mitigate the risks and reduce oversights and mistakes in the future. 

The ‘State of Cyber Risk’ in 2023 

‘The State of Cyber Risk 2023’ shows that organisations generally understand the risks of cybersecurity in 2023, but there is a disconnect between confidence levels and preventative action. It also highlighted confusion about what qualified as a ‘risk’ (45% of respondents defined the term ‘risk’ differently), while investment in IT is hindered by staff shortages and pressure at work.

This suggests significant knowledge disparity and demonstrates the importance of education to tackle cybersecurity.  

The importance of employee awareness 

Reduce data breaches from phishing attacks 

Phishing is a social engineering attack that preys on unsuspecting victims and can cause a lot of damage if the attack is completed successfully. The best way to stop a phishing attack is to educate employees on what to look out for and keep them informed.

Build a security aware culture 

Building a culture that is not only knowledgeable about security but also uses this knowledge in practice will protect your organisation and help reduce major security oversights. 

Meet compliance requirements 

Compliance is vital in the modern business world. If you fall foul of compliance regulations your organisation could face legal repercussions, such as fines or even litigation. Therefore, ensuring everyone knows about security protocol will help keep your organisation out of trouble. 

Built trust with customers 

Your customers will value and trust your organisation more if they know employees are clued up on security. By being knowledgeable about the risks, your customers will know they can rely on your expertise and will trust you to do the job correctly. 

How we can help  

Cybersecurity is important because without it your organisation can become vulnerable to attacks and other breaches – and awareness training is key to educate employees and avoid risks association with human error.

If you’re looking for help with cybersecurity, reach out to Extech Cloud today. Our experts can advise you on the ideal strategy to both educate and protect your organisation. 

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