Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum 2017

Published: 15 May 2017

The Gatwick Diamond – the next 15 years

Nearly 200 leaders from the public and private sector come together for the annual Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum to identify and discuss opportunities, debate threats and celebrate success in the £22.3 billion Gatwick Diamond economy. At this, our fifth annual event, as we approach the 15th anniversary of the coining of the name “Gatwick Diamond”, and with the Government considering a new place based, and locally led, industrial strategy, it is time for a serious review. We will use the opportunity to look forward at how our economy might develop in the future, with the benefit of an immense amount of information delivered by two reports which benchmark our performance against the rest of the UK.


The snapshots these reports provide will deliver deep understanding about the past, present and future of the Gatwick Diamond economy, and how we might influence that future for the better. We will see for the first time some important new research about the state of our regional economy, the opportunities for growth and improvement, and how we might best exploit them.


These inputs will spark much debate about how we can move forward, together, which will be fuelled further by contributions from senior business figures, and local and national government.

Speakers include Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick Airport.


June 15, 2017, Arora Hotel Crawley

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