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Acquiring funding is an essen-tial step when looking to set up a company. When Nick Carter, Founder of Home Guarantee, identified a gap in the lettings market for those in-dividuals who did not have access to a guarantor, he gained mentoring and key investment from Business Pulse.

Over a period of two years, Nick re-searched the lettings market exten-sively, consulting with landlords, letting agents and students to create the right business model and proposition to meet the demands of all parties. With the right support from Nasser Elaheebocus, Founder of Business Pulse, and with a strong detailed strategy which included crowdfunding, mentoring and help with formulating business strategies, Nick launched Home Guarantee in August this year. Here we learn more about the business and its plans for the future.

"I have been working with Business Pulse for several years, and most recently as part of the setup of Home Guarantee. Nasser is a very patient mentor and advisor and I have found him to be a steady guiding hand in getting my business off the ground and avoiding the pitfalls that many new starts ups can run into."

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