gdb Members Kreston Reeves clock up 38,000 miles in pedometer challenge!

Staff at accountants, business and financial advisers Kreston Reeves have clocked up a phenomenal 85,973,905 steps - the equivalent of walking 1.5 times around the world - in just four weeks promoting healthy lifestyles and in support of the Kreston Reeves team visiting Ghana this month.

Throughout September, 303 members of staff working together in 40 teams were challenged to walk the equivalent of 1,000 miles over the month wearing pedometers to track progress.

The teams embraced the challenge, some of which completed 1,000 miles within just two weeks and as a whole went on to clock up over 85 million steps - the equivalent of walking 38,311 miles - or one and half times around the world!

The Kreston Reeves pedometer challenge also ran in October 2018 where staff clocked up an impressive 75 million steps - the equivalent of 32,700 miles or 1.3 times around the world.

This year's challenge supported a team from the firm visiting Ghana in October 2019 where they will help the rural community of Abenta build a school and health clinic.

Sarah Ediss, Partner at Kreston Reeves said: "It has been fantastic to see so many people taking part in the challenge this year. We're particularly proud to have collectively beaten last year's distance with our staff for 'going the extra mile' to support the team going to Ghana later this month. We are looking forward to beating our goal again next year."



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