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The Future Of... series

The Future of Materials
26 November 2020, AM, Online via Hop In

From the mixing of copper and tin to make bronze to the digital revolution made possible by silicon, materials have shaped the course of humanity. 

And as we find ourselves facing the defining crisis of our time, how can material innovation help us win the race against climate change?

Hear from industry-leaders, entrepreneurs and academics to share their insights into the future of materials and its impact on our lives.

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Business innovation and growth workshops

Clean Growth Innovation: Energy, automation and processes

17 November 2020, AM, Online via MS Teams


Clean Growth Innovation is about optimising your business performance. It's a commercially-driven ethos that drives down costs and carbon footprint, improves resilience, and positions your business as a leader.

At this FREE, multi-day workshop you'll identify how to future proof your business and work towards Net Zero.

Looking at upstream and downstream processes in your business, we'll support innovation in energy supply and use, and discover the opportunities in automation and process improvements. There will be a focus on action and the steps needed to make changes happen.

You'll get tailored advice and the opportunity for ongoing collaboration with Clean Growth UK and fellow businesses on your sustainable innovation journey. 

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Business Model Canvas - November 2020
18 November 2020, AM, Online via Zoom


Business model workshop for clean and green businesses.

At this workshop you'll learn about the famous Business Model Canvas. Developed by Swiss business model guru Alexander Osterwalder and management Information Systems professor Yves Pigneur, it identifies the nine building blocks of business.

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Access to Finance Workshop

25 November 2020, AM, Online via Zoom

This FREE workshop will help you identify the right kind of funding for your business.

With two streams - start-up and next-level growth - you'll get advice and support that's tailored to you and delivered by two Clean Growth UK Strategic Advisers. You can submit your funding questions in advance so that they get covered on the day.

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Clean Growth Innovation: Circular Economy

4 December 2020, AM, Online via Zoom


Learn how you can embed circular economy principles - designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems - into your business with this free workshop on 4 December.

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An introduction to the art of sales for green innovators

11 December 2020, AM, Online via Zoom

An introduction to sales strategy: helping you close more deals, convert leads and grow revenue. Focussing on green credentials, this workshop will teach practical sales tips and help you build a powerful sales toolkit.

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Marketing Oomph Workshop

4 x half day sessions, starting on 7 January 2020, AM, Online via Zoom

Our renowned Marketing Oomph workshop is designed to help you nail your marketing strategy.

"It really was one of the most interesting, informative and fun workshops I have been to."

This workshop will be facilitated by Clean Growth UK Strategic Advisors Creative Bloom.

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Clean Growth UK Hub events - FREE to attend

Get Set, Start Up, Grow!


17 November 2020, AM, Online 


To mark Global Entrepreneurship Week, the University of Portsmouth (the South West Hub of Clean Growth UK), in conjunction with its ERDF-funded projects (SIGHT, Accelerating Women's Enterprise, EMphasis3 and Low Carbon Solent) is hosting a morning of online workshops to support current and aspiring female* business owners. 

These workshops will cover: Effective Networking in a Digital Age, Writing a Business Plan, Developing your Marketing Strategy and Access to Grant Funding.

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