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Neurodiverse candidates could be the answer to cybersecurity skills shortage

With cybercrime on the rise and a global cybersecurity skills shortage, improving opportunities for neurominorities benefits businesses and individuals. According to the Global Risk Report from the World Economic Forum, cyberattacks are perceived as the fourth biggest risk faced by businesses globally. And it seems there is merit in the concern. Research from...


Why a tech career in local government could broaden your horizons?

There has long been a need for tech professionals in local government, but the Covid-19 pandemic exponentially increased this demand. Digital and tech experts became critical to not only enable the workforce to work remotely but also to deliver vital services online to communities across the UK. Local governments had to rapidly pivot and move essential services online ensuring their...

RPA 2.0: What's Next for Automation?

Most large companies will by now have some form of RPA embedded, and if they don't, they will be looking at it (if you're not, where have you been the past 5 years?). The market is still expanding quickly but some analysts predict saturation within the next 2-5 years. Most of us now know what RPA is, and what its capable of, so what's next for Automation? The term...


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