12 Days of Wild Winter Fun

12 Days Wild

We know it can be hard getting outdoors during the winter, which is why we created this seasonal challenge. #12DaysWild will help you connect with nature every day from 25 December to 5 January.
From wild arts and crafts, to spotting winter wildlife, there's lots you can get up to in the great outdoors. You can sign up now for your daily wild activities.

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Marvellous mustelids

Mustelid probably isn't a word that most people use very often. Everyone has heard of Stoats and Weasels, but you might be unaware that these carnivorous animals belong to a group of mammals called the mustelids.
Mammal expert Stuart Edmunds explains what a mustelid is, which species can be found in the UK, and gives some tips on how to identify each of them.

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