PDT Solicitors offset the impact of development with a creative nitrates neutrality plan

Published: 12 May 2022

As a result of the need to demonstrate nutrient neutrality as part of the development process, there can be few developers or landowners in the South East who are not aware of the challenges facing development at the present time.

PDT’s development team has been engaged from the beginning in trying to identify strategies in the planning process that enable development to proceed by demonstrating nutrient / water neutrality.

We are pleased that this hard work with our landowner and developer clients is starting to pay off as last month we oversaw the sale of a major development of 118 dwellings, the planning consent for which was only enabled by a creative nitrate neutrality plan that involved off-site land to offset the impact of the development. The agreement involving a third party landowner was enforced through a series of Section 106 restrictions which had the effect of achieving the required neutrality to the satisfaction of the local Council.

As a number of other schemes we are involved with approach fruition in achieving neutrality we are pleased with the contribution our development team is making in the area.

Richard Evans, Land & Planning Director at Sunley, commented “Without the innovative support of the PDT team and their understanding of what remains a complex constraint to development then it would simply not have been possible to secure such a valuable planning permission."

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