No win, no fee, no good

Have you been mis-sold a business energy contract? A legal organisation may have approached you with this exact question.

There has been an emergence of a new breed of legal advisors who are approaching businesses and suggesting they could be entitled to a refund on the commission paid to their energy broker from their energy supplier, for reasons such as the commission fee being an unrealistic amount for the work involved, or not declaring it when the business signed a contract.

Their approach is to pursue this claim on a no win no fee basis, making it an attractive proposition.

Often, these organisations are former energy brokers themselves - essentially billing themselves as 'poachers turned gamekeepers.'

Face value they may appear to be looking out for your interests aiming to earn a small fee along the way, but their main agenda could be to secure a procurement offering and earn an energy brokerage fee for themselves.

If you are one of our clients, rest assured that all information presented is accurate and unbiased with complete transparency. We disclose all commission fees in full and our clients are at liberty to go to suppliers for confirmation of our charges.

We will make sure you know exactly how your bill is broken down, and how much of what you are paying is for the services we provide.

When liaising with energy brokers, be vigilant of offers that appear to be providing a much better deal than others. Sadly, there are energy brokers out there who intentionally leave out components within their evaluation to make their proposal more appealing, just to cash in on the confusion.

Remember, if something seems too good to be true, then it usually is.

If you are in any doubt, get in touch with us via our website, email or live chat.


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