The Marketing Alliance Newsletter July 2023

Welcome to the first of my new newsletters, where I am delighted to announce the recent completion of my rebrand from Clive Wilson Marketing to The Marketing Alliance.

The Marketing Alliance is a unique concept that provides business owners with curated access to more than 45 experienced marketing and business development specialists, all of whom I know personally and are trusted for their expertise, credibility and reputation.

We are not a consultancy. Nor are we a traditional agency. We are a UK-based community of independent marketing and business development professionals with a combined experience of more than 350 years.

Our goal is to make marketing refreshingly uncomplicated for you.

What Does Marketing Look Like?

Marketing is a complex mix of strategic, creative and tactical disciplines (and some pure magic, of course) that typically begins with creating a strategic road map to determine how best to reach and engage your audience. 

The diagram below is a high-level outline that demonstrates the typical process flow for any given marketing campaign. 

But not Every Project Needs a Strategy

Sometimes, all you need is some help in a particular area, such as commercial photography, SEO, content creation, video production, PR, email marketing, or perhaps data protection/compliance advice, HR guidance, LinkedIn training or even tailored business coaching. 

My team includes experienced, independent Solution Professionals in all these areas of specialisation, and many more, each of whom I can highly recommend to you. 



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